Resisting Jargon

Jargon: the language, esp. the vocabulary, peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group.

When used with a client jargon often creates walls and confusion. I think many in my industry use it to create a sense of value- if you understood what all these words meant then you wouldn't need me.

There is a place for it to be sure. It exists to be used as short hard for larger concepts or systems by a specific profession. But it has almost no place with clients.

We need to strip our client communications down to real language as much as possible. When we do use it we should always stop and make sure the client is following. Many times it's difficult to tell since they, understandably, don't want to look stupid.

Maybe the best way to bridge this gap is to give our clients a Jargon Primer. A glossary of terms that they can reference in case we get sloppy.

I think we can only blame ourselves when clients are confused about a process or solution. We probably speaking in a foreign language.