Business time

Too often people have a negative association with the word “work”. “Work sucks”, “burned out at work” etc. But I think great work can be fulfilling- spiritually and materially. So these are the things that I "work" on, meaning these are businesses, they are "for-profit"- but I hate that language. The purpose of businesses cannot be "for profit" they must exist to serve a greater need, to create meaning in this world. So my desire is that any business I'm involved with exists primarily "for-purpose" and the by product is profit. Every healthy business is profitable- I see profit as a sign of health. But it cannot be the reason it exists. 

Boardable: board management software for, primarily, nonprofit board of directors. A SaaS company I co-founded in 2006. As of 2018 I am full time as Boardable's CEO. 

SmallBox: a brand experience agency working with mission driven organizations, that nonprofit thing again, to help them build design driven brand experiences. I was CEO of SmallBox from 2006 to the end of 2017, handing the reigns over in 2018 to Jenny Banner, yes, my wife!  

Antique Helper/Ripley Auctions: the business I did with Dan Ripley before SmallBox. I remain a partner and advisor to this auction house located on the northside of Indy but serving a global customer base. 

Braintwins: a spin out from SmallBox. Justin Shimp, a former SmallBox employee, started this trans media design shop with his girlfriend Jessica in 2013. We joined in with cash and consulting. They do everything from animation to stage design. 

Joyful Noise Recordings: a former SmallBox employee, Karl Hofstetter, started Joyful Noise, a record label, while he was working at SmallBox. I continue to advise Karl and Joyful as they grow.