Hard Conversations

Consider this- whenever you feel uncomfortable about something see that as a sign of progress. If you are uncomfortable confronting something then put that to the top of the list. Ask the hard questions first. The real key to success in business, and I think somewhat in life, is being willing to have hard conversations. Almost as important is having them happen quickly. Like punishing a dog right after it pisses on the rug- the "conversation" with that dog loses all meaning within 60 seconds. If you let too much time go by you lose the clarity of the conversation- memories get fuzzy and facts evaporate. That applies to conversations with yourself and others.

The companies I see fail, or fall into decline, are often taken down by leadership that shied away from hard conversations. At the heart of those conversations are usually real truths they don't want to address out of fear. They put them off since it makes them uncomfortable and it only creates bigger harder problems to push off again later. Eventually they melt down and have the hard conversations, which have only multiplied, but it's too late. They are in a weakened position and can only confess to screwing up, they have lost all leverage. I am speaking from experience here, more than I would like to admit to.

Business rewards the brave who don't let fear sabotage potential.