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Small Box is a 5 year old company with 12 employees and over 150 clients. We use the Web to grow businesses and organizations. Most of our client engagements focus on building and marketing a website.

When we build a website we focus on accomplishing three things- easy to find, easy to use and easy to update. An "owner friendly" site is critical to having a site that is both search and user friendly. If you don't like updating your website then you probably do not have an "owner friendly" site. Users and search engines hate stale sites and keeping them fresh with content is crucial.

When we market a website we leverage a customized blend of approaches that can include: E-mail Marketing, Social Media, Link Building, Local SEO, Pay Per Click and Ongoing Conversion Analysis. It's all about results. We see what works and build on those successes.

We seek clients that believe in the power of the web, to grow their business online and trust us to make it happen.