Thoughts on Thinking & Memory

I'm playing hooky from vacation to write a quick blog. I just got done exercising. I find this is often the time where my thoughts come together- connecting all the bits and pieces floating in my mind. It's like sediment settling. I'm always impressed by my mind's initial resistance to calm. But it usually wears down and gives in.

I've been thinking a lot about how the mind works. I attended a number of related sessions at SXSW recently. One on brain hacking was particularly interesting. I just finished a fascinating book- Moonwalking With Einstein- which is all about how to improve your memory. I am now creating "memory palaces" when I visit new places. Vacation is great for that. It's also good for mental "settling". Memories need calm to form.

Good take-away from book: If you want time to "slow down", create more memories.  

I think it's a given that most of us equate activity with progress. I certainly have that default perspective. Understanding that a rested mind can make insights that can have profound results on our lives and work is the not the same thing as believing and living that truth. The equivalent amount of activity to achieve the same value as an insight is numerous multiples but we must not believe this since we rarely make the time and space for calm. We also help foster a culture where activity is valued over thought. I am as guilty of this as anyone. But my goal is to live what I claim to believe: thinking > acting.