Sprinting (revisiting the Heroic Worker)

A while back I posted a blog about "heroic workers". These are the well intentioned folks that work 12+ hour days for days on end. Companies becoming addicted to them like a drug and dysfunction abounds. I want to return to this idea with a twist. I do believe there are times when we all need to sprint and essentially become that heroic worker for a week or two since opportunities arise and stuff needs to get done. 

Let's follow this running theme (not that I know much about running beyond being chased). In a long race, which is life/work/etc, we need to find and keep a workable pace. One that doesn't completely exhaust us physically and emotionally. But there are times we need to pick up speed and sprint. The challenge is working in such a way to lay the foundation during that sprint that allows you to quickly and smoothly return to that sustainable pace- not getting stuck in heroic worker mode. We all have the potential, and I think need, to feel heroic from time to time. Finding the balance between meeting that need and living a healthy, fulfilling life is the trick.