Screens, Screens Everywhere!

I just went to the post office. The clerk and I never met eyes. We spent the entire time looking at our respective screens. 

Same thing when I go to the grocery. If I don't pay in cash there is almost no human interactive whatsoever. Sometimes they don't even say hi or thanks.

I wrote a post a year ago about my experience of going off the grid at SXSW- Connectivity vs Serendipity. In brief my eyes were opened up to how much our eyes are constantly focused on screens. I became convinced that we have been trading down for a more connected but often inferior experiences. Trading a huge wide 3D world for a small 3" screen.

Maybe screens are transitional objects, to be replaced with fully augmented reality via my contacts, glasses or, gasp!, brain implants. 

But as we transition I worry that we are forgetting our manners and humanity. When we arrive at this promised, augmented land will we be living richer lives or just busier lives? I fear the latter and hope for the former.