mulling the idea of Trust Fall marketing

Spent the weekend thinking about this concept of reduced cost Web marketing in return for complete creative freedom.

I am eager to find a guinea pig client. Someone who is willing to give this a shot for a serious break in fees. 3 month commitment then go month to month.

I think we could do great work for about $1500 a month, about a half to third of what we would normally charge.

The perfect client is busy, needs our services, doesn't have a large budget but trusts us and won't get upset if we do something differently than they would expect/want.

We would launch a new website quickly and simply, watch the traffic and analytics, add content, functionality, watch some more, make more changes. Tweak and repeat.

Then over time we would begin adding email marketing, link building, social media marketing, etc. Maybe even dabble in some more traditional methods like direct mail if it makes sense.

We would go to the client when we were curious or needed something- What is it that you do? Who is your perfect customer? Is any of this marketing impacting your bottomline? How are you measuring it? Can we tinker with that? Which do you like better- green or blue? etc. They would give us input but we would decide what to do with it.

If you don't like our work, if we aren't getting results then fire us.

The Small Box team is ready for this. Any takers?