Idea: Start Up Bowl

Here's an idea I've been working on for the last 6 months. I have decided to "open source" the idea in hopes that in openly sharing this idea it will increase the likelihood of it happening.

In short- I don't have the time to champion this idea but I do believe in it and want to see it happen. I will happily serve on the committee and also dedicate some SmallBox resources to making it happen.

Keep in mind that what I've outlined here is not meant to be carved in stone. It's an idea and whomever picks it up and runs with it should be free to do with it what they want. Also, I own and would be happy to hand that over to a reputable organization or individual. I have a more complete brief as well I can send. Just hit me up at and I will send it over. 

Start Up Bowl:

The Idea

Ten start-up teams will compete over the 10 days leading up to the 2012 Super Bowl to win prizes.

The Objective

To change the brand of Indianapolis- not only a great sports & convention town, but also the perfect place to start a business. To highlight Indianapolis’ growing start-up scene. To attract regional, national, and possibly international, talent to compete in a 10-day start-up contest. To have national, local and industry press take notice of the event. To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, foster creativity, celebrate risk taking, and have fun. To start new businesses that will attract and retain talent that will add to our local economy and community.

The Rules

Ten teams are selected from a pool of applicants. Each team must meet the following criteria: maximum 6 members, no more than $100K cash invested to date. Goal is to attract bootstrapped start up applicants. Any team can apply regardless of geography. One team will be eliminated per day. Judging could be based on a number of factors, including online/text voting, competing teams (Survivor style) and industry/investor judges. Final 2 teams present to a panel of celebrity investors, including local investors. Team wishing to redeem contest prizes must remain in Indiana for a minimum of one year.

The Prizes

Prizes are still to be determined as it will depend on funds/resources available. Overall objective is to compensate selected teams with an incremental increase over the course of the contest. The more days a team survives, the greater their prize. Prizes will most likely be a mix of cash, investment and resources. Current plan is to announce contest before announcing prizes since we do not expect them to be finalized until later. Some prizes may be contingent on recipient start-up team remaining in Indiana for a yet to be determined period of time (i.e. 1-2 years) after contest.