Career or Calling?

Do you have a career or do you have a calling? Let's break it down:

A career is something you do to make money. It may provide meaning and value outside of the primary utility of income but it's still "work". Something you do because you have to, something you look forward to being done with- for the day, for the week, for ever.

A calling is an obsession. Something you have to do regardless of what kind of income you receive. In the past "callings" have been almost exclusively associated with religious professions. After all, few industries require a vow of celibacy. But callings should not be limited to these professions. 

Historically we have had a natural separation between careers and callings. Most work was manual labor, the brain was not fully engaged. Hobbies, religion and other non-work activities were there to engage our higher mind. But as we move into the Creative Age we must re-evaluate our notions of work, business and careers. The jobs of the future will require a fully engaged, highly creative work force. Machines are replacing our muscles. 

Creative Age companies believe that healthy work/life balance does not mean work/life separation. Ideas don't limit themselves to work hours. These companies know that innovation and ideation is exponentially more valuable than activity. Our old management tools fail to measure what really matters- passion, innovation and focus. We need to create new tools. I'll take 8 hours of "flow" over 40 hours of unfocused work. It has more value to me as a business owner. One great idea can surpass 6 months of work. I've learned this the hard way.

A calling is a powerful thing since it is based on purpose. I believe that every purpose, individual or organizational, should in some way look to change the world. The organizations that enable their people to realize their purpose within the larger organizational purpose will be the ones that change the world. And, yes, probably make a lot money along the way.