Being Grateful

I'm a selfish guy. I tend to focus on my wants and needs over other people. It's not something I'm proud of. Over the last few months I've become more aware of my thinking and behavior. I've also noticed that many of the people I most admire are very focused on others, not on themselves. These are also some of the most successful people I know. Perhaps our instinct to be self centered helped us survive through the eons. It's a hard habit to kick since we are wired for it.

I'm no expert on how to transition from being "me" focused to "others" focused but I believe it starts by being grateful. Too often I focus, in this blog and in my life, on problems. What's wrong with something. I tend to gloss over and undervalue all the amazing people, places and things that intersect my life on a daily basis.

I started to write a grateful list. But then it started to get really big and it hit me that being grateful doesn't require itemizing everything in your life you are grateful for- and I was starting to think it looked a little like bragging "hey check out all the awesome people in my life!". So instead of posting a list I have decided to find ways to show my gratitude to all the wonderful people in my life. Mostly I want to do a better job of communicating this gratitude with my words and actions.

So here's a start: to all the amazing people I have in my life- family, friends, neighbors, business associates, employees and everyone else: thank you for being in my life, I am incredibly grateful to you all.