Anatomy Of A Modern Conversation

My last post on this blog was titled "John Lennon, My Kids and Me". A little tribute to the Beatle on the 30th anniversary of his passing. This post was automatically sent to my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts via TwitterFeed. I also reposted the blog on the music site I run - Musical Family Tree. Over the course of the day I had many separate conversations on this blog, Twitter, Facebook and Musical Family Tree. I also had a "real" conversation via a client today who saw the post on my LinkedIn page.

This is what a modern conversation looks like- one piece of content being discussed in different ways by different people on different platforms. The only constant is me and the content. Some users will cross over between platforms but for the most part I find users tend to just engage regularly with one platform, where they feel most comfortable. You have to go to where they are and have the conversation on their turf. Although I sometimes wish I could have it all under one roof I realize that the specific culture and flavor of each community would be lost. It's a lot like regional dialects. Even with globalization we aren't seeing them go away. It creates a sense of community and place.

In the digital world, like the "real" one, people want to gather in small groups and have meaningful conversations. Let's not fight this, it's a very human thing growing in the digital soil.