My Year In Pictures: Food & Fire #thinkkit

Ok, so I'm a little behind on Think Kit this year since, technically, this was the topic for December 1st and it's, uh, not December 1st. But I really like this topic and have spent a couple days thinking about it so I wanted to tackle it first. 

In reviewing my Instagram account I noticed a recurring theme of food and fire. I really love fire, by itself, and even more when I can use it to cook things. In the summer I grill 3-4 days a week and in the winter I have a wood fire almost every night. When I was 5-6 years old my mom used to give matches to play with while she watched from the porch. Yes, I almost burned down the house once...but that's another story. 

So here are some of my favorite food and fire photos from 2013.