2 Weeks Of Insanity: October Events in Indy

October is going to be an intense, nay, insane!, month of stuff to do. I am still grappling with how this will all go down without taking me, and others, down with it. I thought I would share some events that I'm involved with or excited about. So here's two weeks of non-stop fun, learning and music:

October 6th, Saturday: Musical Family Tree New Music Showcase at Radio Radio.
It's hard to keep up on the music scene here in Indy, it's evolving and growing quickly right now. So we thought it made sense to showcase the best up and coming bands in one, massive showcase. A band tasting menu if you will. Also, I'll be DJing at this event which is neither really here nor there but I'm always excited to DJ. 

Get info and tickets. It's only $5! 

October 12th, Friday: Re:build Conference

This is a great conference that focuses on how to design and build websites and applications. SmallBox is sponsoring and there are a bunch of great speakers. I'm looking forward to finally attending since I have been out of town the last two times. It always gets great reviews. If you are in the web biz then you need to attend. 

Info and tickets.

October 12th+13th, Friday and Saturday: Optical Popsicle

This is the annual Know No Stranger blow out event. This troop of puppeteers, performers and pseudo-carnies have been creating stunning visual experiences for the last few years. They are looking to take it to a new height with this year's Optical Popsicle. I'm not sure how I'm going to attend this on top of the other events but I'm dying to see what they put together. 

Info (go to Discounts page for fun pricing info)

October 13th, Saturday: Broad Ripple Music Fest

Now in it's 5th year the Broad Ripple Music Fest has been taken over by former SmallBox employee Jack Shepler. Looks like it's going to be one of the best years yet. Jack is good at this whole event organizing thing. I started the Fest back in 2007 and it's great to see it continue. If you love local live music there is no better place to find it than BRMF. 

Info and tickets.

October 16th-18th, Exact Target Connections

Exact Target should need no introduction but you may not be familiar with their Connections conference. It's actually the largest gathering of interactive marketers which is no small feat. They have always brought in great speakers and this year is no exception. 

Info and tickets.

October 17th-19th, Verge's Powder Keg

Verge's monthly meetings have become quickly become the place to be for anyone in the Indy start up scene. Pitches, networking, fireside chats, etc. The Powder Keg will be all this and more, Verge on steroids. Throw in some music- Kishi Bashi will be playing as well as a new band that I may or may not be involved with:  The Startups. Powder Keg will connect to ET's Connections and attendees of Powder Keg will be able to attend some Connections events including the David Blaine talk. If you are in a start up (or want to be), you should be at Powder Keg. Full disclosure: I'm a co-organizer and SmallBox is a sponsor.

Info and tickets

Also, I will be writing a separate post for Indy Spectator soon on "Indy Tech Week" which will feature some of these events and go into more depth. If you aren't signed up for Indy Spectator's newsletter, I highly recommend it. It always highlights interesting stuff going on around Indy.