Businesses and such

Too often people have a negative association with the word “work”. “Work sucks”, “burned out at work” etc. But I think great work can be fulfilling- spiritually and materially. So these are the things that I "work" on, meaning these are businesses, they are "for-profit"- but I hate that language. The purpose of businesses cannot be "for profit" they must exist to serve a greater need, to create meaning in this world. So my desire is that any business I'm involved with exists primarily "for-purpose" and the by product is profit. Every healthy business is profitable- I see profit as a sign of health. But it cannot be the reason it exists. 

SmallBox- the mothership, the hub that drives all my other activities. What does SmallBox do? Well, let me quote our mission statement: we collaborate with authentic organizations to create meaningful digital and analog experiences. Often this includes strategy, branding, custom websites and ongoing marketing. You can check out the website to dig deeper if you are curious. My day to day role is to serve as the CEO. I also get to sit on the hill once in a while, with my co-founder Joe Downey, and look down with fondness on the business as an owner. But most days I'm just trying to be the best possible leader I can be. If you want to explore my thinking about the difference between ownership and leadership you can read this blog.