Things not for profit

This is the non-profit/community/fun stuff I do that doesn't make me money but makes me, and hopefully others, warm and fuzzy. 

Speak Easy - a member club in SoBro Indy for the startup scene. A place for coders, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs to come together and build things. Also acts as a community center of sorts. I'm a co-founder and currently the chair.

Musical Family Tree - so about 10 years ago I was digitizing cassette tapes of music I recorded in the 90s and I realized I had no easy way to share it with my friends. Over the course of an evening, thanks to some Google searches, I converted my computer into a server, bought a domain name and threw 20-30 tracks up then emailed a link to my friends. It went nuts from there. Now the amazing Jon Rogers is the executive director, I'm the chair and we have applied for 501c3 status.

Big Car - creating vibrant collisions between art and people all across Indianapolis since 2004. Started and run by the visionary Jim Walker, Big Car has a role in about every other cool thing that happens here in Indy. I'm honored to be on the board.

Record Geeks - you know what pisses me off? A poorly pressed record. Too many modern vinyl pressings are not done very well and that bugs me. So I started this site a few years ago to grade the pressing quality of a record- not the music. We are now seeking contributors so let me know if'd like to add your reviews to the site.